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Happy Birthday to Me! My present-a great new review

Posted on: April 30th, 2010 by lisabell 80 Comments

I usually hate my birthday, but this one is ending pretty well! Nice new review below from Skope Magazine:
Lisa Bell is ready to ring in the summer with her delightfully exquisite new record, Dancing On The Moon. This singer/songwriter from Colorado has an incredible vocal presence on this new album. Bell digs down deep to bring you spellbinding lyrics and an emotionally-drenched performance that will leave you wanting more. Full of feeling & devotion, Lisa sings with such a burning passion inside her. With an excellent singing voice and a true knack for writing heartfelt songs, Lisa Bell is taking her music career to the next level with Dancing On The Moon.

Along with Bell, guest musicians are also featured on this CD such as: Bob Story on electric guitar, Mark Oblinger on acoustic guitar & Christian Teele on drums/percussion. Each artist added a wonderful dimension to the elegant sounds of Lisa Bell. The layering was perfect and I have to say that there were some very nice ‘n’ cool guitar moments. Each player complemented one another extremely well here and further added to that Lisa Bell appeal.

Lisa blends together an exuberant amount of styles that will satisfy your musical cravings. I’m hearing elements of roots rock, light rock, jazz, blues, country, pop and soul. The overall sound has a very mellow aura to it with a very light ‘n’ airy approach. Pleasant music and pleasing vocals give way to the sensual & soothing side of Lisa Bell. This artist offers you tranquil music to put your mind, body and soul at ease.

Bell is also taking an innovative approach to record making because she decided to use A424 RA Music tuning versus the standard A440 frequency. The purpose behind this is that this particular frequency is supposed to have healing effects toward the body & brain. So…you’re not just hearing any other album; you’re actually being healed! Everyone will have different experiences when listening to Dancing On The Moon, but there is no question that everybody will be feeling this disc.

When it comes to the actual tracks on the CD, my favorite song was “Stand Up” because it is such a fun-movin’ number that will make you want to get up and get down! The tables are turned and the mood is completely changed around on song 10, “Fire and Rain”. You get a sense of a melancholy vibe coming straight from Lisa Bell’s heart. Lisa amazingly goes from happy to sad in such a convincing fashion. Full of compassion and always singing from deep down inside, Lisa Bell has a lot to sing for and always plenty to sing about.

This singer/songwriter appears to be a special artist that has a lot to offer. A subtle charm is evident as I listen to the music and the voice of Lisa Bell. Audiences will grow once they get a load of these compelling & relaxing tunes for the soul. For more on this Boulder, Colorado-based musician and her brand new release, SKOPE out

Westword Review & Buy Your Copy Now

Posted on: April 29th, 2010 by lisabell Click to Comment

New review in Westword today, posted below. Also, you can now buy Dancing on the Moon on Itunes!

By Jon Solomon Thursday, Apr 29 2010

On her debut album, Dare to Be…, Boulder-based singer Lisa Bell put modern spins on jazz standards, and there was still a fair amount of jazz on her second album, It’s All About Love. On her third and latest effort, Dancing on the Moon, Bell holds on to her jazz beginnings but also delves into roots, blues and pop. Most of the dozen cuts, like the funky “Change Is Free” and “Stand Up,” the breezy “After All” and “How Long,” veer more toward Norah Jones than, say, Diana Krall. The result is an album that not only shows off the singer’s warm and inviting voice, but showcases her versatility as well.

1st review!

Posted on: April 27th, 2010 by lisabell Click to Comment

The reviews are starting to come in. Here is the first one from Neu Futur, Posted by James on April 26th, 2010

“Dancing On The Moon” is a rich entry to the world of Lisa Bell, as her vocals marry together all the strengths of artists like Sheryl Crow, Feist, and even Shania Twain. The instrumentation works nicely in the creation of compelling and alluring music, all while allowing Bell’s vocals to shine the brightest they can. “No Time” is a confident track in the sense that it clocks in at four and a half minutes; where a number of bands would slowly introduce themselves to fans, this nuanced and soulful track puts everything on the line at an early spot on “Dancing On The Moon”. “No Time” succeeds in the sense that Bell and the rest of her backing band builds a solid foundation of vocals and instruments, gradually increasing tempo and energy until that point where listeners are eagerly anticipating the next track.

“After All” is a track that further expands on the sounds possible by Bell, with nods made both to “La Isla Bonita”-era Madonna, Spanish guitar work, and even traditional jazz. This eclectic blend of differing styles and approaches is the reason that listeners will continue listening to “Dancing On The Moon”, while it allows for Bell and her band to choose exactly the right tools that are needed for the task that is at hand.

The disc continues to impress even at its later reaches’; “The Last Time” is the penultimate track, and it is really Bell’s vocals that reach up to a higher plateau. There is a soulful nature to these vocals that cut to the bone, and the blues side of Bell is allowed to come forth. While there is a net of instrumentation to act as a palette for Bell, one cannot deny that these vocals are the meat and potatoes of the track. “Dancing On The Moon” is a cohesive and coherent album that furthers specific approaches without going to the same well too many time. Subsequent listens to the title will ensure that more and more of the nuances will become known to the listener, while at the same time fostering one’s appreciation for what exactly has been done here.

Top Tracks: No Time, Change Is Free – Rating: 8.0/10

Rap artist Danny! samples one of my songs

Posted on: April 26th, 2010 by lisabell 1 Comment

As I was Googling myself the other day to come up with the correct iTunes links for the new Web site, I happened upon a rap song that included a tune from my 2nd CD, It’s All About Love called “Along the Beaches.” Danny! used that song in his song called “Out of Time” track 16 on his CD Dreams Fulfilled.

I thought it was pretty cool and emailed the artist Danny! to thank him for using the song. This was his reply today:

“What an honor it is to have heard from you. I reached out more than three years ago to let you know how beautiful your music and voice was but never heard back. How did I stumble across your music? I was/am a member of the Recording Academy and 2006-2007 was my first year active. As such, I was ecsatic to find out that I had the ability to purchase tickets for the Grammy show. I Google’d high and low for independent artists such as myself who had gone before to get a feel of what to expect. You happened to be one of the artists and a song of yours happened to play when loading the page.”

Pretty fun story! You never know who’s listening out there! Lisa

Amazing evening!!

Posted on: April 25th, 2010 by lisabell 1 Comment

Thanks to everyone who came out to the concert last night. From the first note, I could feel the amazing energy in the room. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves as much as I did!

Please post comments on the blog about the concert or on my 424 page about your thoughts on RA music.

So much going on in the weeks to come. New Web site is the first!

I am shooting a music video for Stand Up on May 7 and need help recruiting moms and their kids. Please post a response if you’re interested.

Thanks again to everyone who helped last night and made this happen!! xxLisa

A brand new me!

Posted on: April 24th, 2010 by lisabell Click to Comment

Wow, a whole new CD, Web site and a whole new me!! Thank you to all of my fans who have stuck with me over the past 9 years on my amazing musical journey. I feel like I have come so far from my first CD, Dare To Be… where I primarily covered jazz standards. It’s All About Love took me further into the Singer/Songwriter realm, and now Dancing on the Moon takes me miles further along that journey.

I can’t wait to share the new music with you either live at one of our upcoming shows, or with the new CD. You can download Dancing on the Moon now at and soon the hard copies will be for sale as well (if you just can’t wait, please email me at and I can arrange to send one to you in the mail).

Tonight’s the big night for the CD release concert and I am so excited! The band is killer and the music is really fun, plus there is a way cool storyteller and healing sound wave concert aspect to the show as well. Come out if you can make it:

Saturday, April 24, 7 p.m., Nomad Theatre, 1410 Quince Ave.-doors open at 6:30.

A lovely article appeared this morning in the Denver Post about the concert and 424.