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Archive for June, 2010

More 424 Info

Posted on: June 15th, 2010 by lisabell 11 Comments

One of my publicists Maria Jekic is working to place stories in the alternative healing and natural consumer magazines. As part of that, she helped develop a press release that talks more about 424 tuning. Here is an excerpt:

The “A” note in RA Music has a frequency centered on A=424 cycles per second, which turns out to be more in tune with the natural world. The choice to tune all instruments in the “man made” A440 (A=440 cycles per second) frequency was done around 1925 so that all instruments could play together and have a common tuning. But Bell points out that classical composers like Handel, Bach and Mozart composed and performed in A424 and the original tuning fork held a frequency of A424.5.

Ancient Mayan temples and Egyptian pyramids incorporated the 424 resonance in the architecture to produce vibrations which were then believed to be used in ceremony to promote healing.  Today, we know that the 424 frequency correlates with the brainwaves of the ideal alpha state of the brain for relaxation and meditation.  A lower frequency by less than a ½ step, than we are used to hearing, the sound is deeper and more relaxed.

“Songs in RA are compatible with your natural vibration, and can be felt throughout the entire body – not just in your ears,” says Bell. “I find that performing in 424 results in a more spiritually- connected, inspired and creative performance. We look forward to sharing this experience with the audiences.”

Read more in the actual press release.

New Review-That’s 70s

Posted on: June 10th, 2010 by lisabell 35 Comments

Hmm-not sure I’m liking the whole of this one from Wildy’s World:

“Bell has a beautifully smooth voice that sounds like it should have been on the radio in the 1970s.”

Ouch! And more:

“Bell sounds a bit like Carole King on “Move On”; you could imagine King and James Taylor knocking this one out on their recent reunion tour without any difficulty.”

OK so I personally love Carole King and, no big surprise, grew up listening to her and James Taylor, Carly Simon etc, etc. The best of the 70s vocalists for sure. Which makes this review oh so bitter sweet for me. On the one hand the demographic for this album is clearly my generation and older-I’m 44 and proud to be this age! But as the last review mentioned, this does not help me sell albums today!

I have often thought “Should I try and ‘affect’ my voice so I sound more like the hip young female vocalists of today? Should I change the style of music I write just to try and fit in with today’s musical style?” But you know, I am what I am and that’s just not me.

I’d love to hear your thoughts, so let me know what you think! The rest of the review was actually very nice. You can read the full review on my reviews page.

Here is how the review was summed up:
Lisa Bell has a gorgeous voice; supple and warm and full of emotion. She performs each song on Dancing On The Moon with her heart firmly in front. The songs on Dancing On The Moon are strong singer-songwriter material with health dollops of the blues, soul and R&B sewn into the seams by Bell’s voice. If the album is a bit consistent in sound, Bell takes the occasional step outside the box to remind you that dynamic doesn’t always have to mean loud. Dancing On The Moon is both dynamic and graceful; a difficult feat in modern music.

New Review! Music Emissions

Posted on: June 8th, 2010 by lisabell 2 Comments

A fun new review today by Music Emissions. Here is an excerpt:

“What would be more of a challenge in today’s musical landscape: making an album that goes platinum, or making an album that clearly defines the goals and aspirations of the musicians involved? Of course it’s possible to do both, but it happens very, very rarely. I won’t go out on a limb and claim the charming Lisa Bell’s latest offering, Dancing On The Moon is that sort of album, but it definitely seems to satisfy both the potential to sell a bunch of copies while simultaneously illustrating in sheer brilliance the musical spirit of Bell and her associates.”

Well put. It is so hard in today’s musical environment to put out a CD like Dancing on the Moon. It’s not Disney Pop, Taylor Swiftish, Top 40, Carrie Underwood friendly or Alt Rock. It just is what it is. Beautiful, lyrical music that came straight from my heart and soul to you. It has a place in the world, though as the review indicates, I doubt it will ever become a platinum album.

But my desire and dream to make music full time still remains. It’s just a matter of what that looks like, what road I can find to take, and what strange destination it may lead me to. Here’s to finding more people like Kevin who “get” the album and help to guide my way.


Posted on: June 4th, 2010 by lisabell Click to Comment

Really fun stuff is ahead for later this fall. I re-connected with a high school friend Lisa Simmons a few months ago through Facebook. It turns out she is a singer/songwriter as well, living near Verona Italy. Her band, Hippie Tendencies, is coming to perform in Colorado for a couple of weeks in September and I’ll be her opening act at a few gigs, including the Soiled Dove in Denver on September 18. Next spring, I am planning a trip to Italy where we will be the headliner and Hippie Tendencies will open for us. Too fun! Wow, the power of social media. More on that concert as we get closer!

New Review!

Posted on: June 1st, 2010 by lisabell Click to Comment

Brad Weismann, former Rocky Mountain News reporter and fellow Boulder International Film Festival volunteer, writes a very fun blog that features reviews of movies, music and other entertainment features. He was kind enough to take a listen to Dancing on the Moon and write a review.

“These beautifully written and performed gems are not punches, but embraces – lyrical summonses to her thoughts on life, faith, love and hope. She’s not afraid to plumb complex emotional depths, and she brings a warm and shining burnish to her artfully conceived compositions.”

Read more on Brad’s Blog.

Thanks Brad!!