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Sound Healing Day 8: Toning the Divine Name and Group Merkaba

Posted on: July 24th, 2010 by lisabell 2 Comments

Today was the final instructional day of the Healing Intensive. This afternoon was about creating the Group Merkaba of Sound. The word “Merkaba” is ancient Hebrew and roughly translates to chariot. Jonathan’s definition is “an interdimensional field through which we can travel to higher planes of consciousness and through which beings of Light and Love can travel to us.”

The group toned the notes C & G-a perfect 5th-to create the Merkaba on the alter set up in the middle of the room. The goal was to create a physical Merkaba shape (such as below) in the center of the room, if only in our mind’s eye.

The group toned for several minutes, closing our eyes. Each of us was then lead around the center of the room to “feel” the shape formed around the alter. Jonathan demonstrates below.

We were then led back to our seat and sat in silent meditation. For me, the Merkaba appeared as a giant translucent rose colored crystal, with doors and windows in the many facets of the gem. I was led into a portal by a guide and was asked to look through the various windows of the facets. In each window I could see an image of all of the countries represented in our group. Out one facet were the snow capped peaks of Japan; out another I saw the crystal blue ocean and green jungles of Bali. This went on and on. Each country’s image was harmonious, peaceful, strikingly beautiful. No war, no strife, no natural or man-made disasters-just perfection.

I was then asked if I wanted to “fly above” to see the image from the outside. It was full of smaller crystals on top, each representing the class participants. We were all one within the shape, equal, all working toward the common goal of a peaceful world.

As we were called out of meditation, the individual crystals pulled in and the Merkaba shape formed in a similar purple hue as in the picture above. It was glowing and full of energy, then it slowly disappeared into the earth. Every class participant had a unique and completely different experience. A metaphor for how we all perceive the world in a totally different way. Yet we are all the same deep down, no matter what part of the world we come from, no matter what we “do” for a living.

I interpret my personal experience as a summation of my feelings about my week here. We are all interconnected and each of us has a higher calling of creating a peaceful, united world, evolved to a point where we truly know that we are all one. The thing that amazes me the most about all of the class participants here, especially those who have traveled from the far reaches of the world, is that they all believe that anything and everything is possible.

And it is. We just let our fears get in the way of being able to manifest our true life path and wildest dreams.

Earlier in the day we toned the Divine Name for manifestation. We were asked to think of our heart’s desires as if they had already happened. I envisioned myself in front of a stadium-sized crowd of people, performing my music which ultimately had a healing effect on the world. And so it is.

I will take away from this experience the knowledge that I CAN make a difference with sound and music in this world. It will start with helping individuals and gradually build to serve larger and larger groups of people. In the end, I will realize the dream of bringing love, peace and healing to the world with my music. I know this to be true because I am already doing it.

Please join me at my next concert at Nissi’s on Sunday, August 1 where I will share a very small portion of my experience here. We will end the concert with a short and simple group tone to help heal the Gulf from the oil spill. CD sales from the evening (and the entire month of July) will go to the National Wildlife Federation toward their efforts in helping to save and clean the animals effected by the oil spill.

Thank you to all who have read along this week as I have experienced this amazing journey. Yes, it may seem “out there” but the experience has truly been amazing and a very heart-centered internal journey of love and letting go in order for my personal transformtion to take place. Please feel free to ask me about any of the aspects if you want to learn more.

Sound Healing Day 6 & 7

Posted on: July 23rd, 2010 by lisabell 3 Comments

Yesterday was the Day of Toning to Heal the Earth. There was no speaking and we fasted all day, so no blog yesterday. The room was set up with a “Vesica Pisces” made out of corn on the floor. It was a 3-dimensional form (two circles joined together, with an oval “fish” shape in the middle) to sit in and experience different energies during the day of toning. The three areas were Surrender, Trust and Gratitude.

The day involved toning for 12 hours. We were split into three groups and each took a turn “holding the tone” for an hour at a time, 3x during the day. During the off times, we took naps in the room, meditated and went into the Vesica Pisces to work on issues we needed help with. I had some very profound visions and messages delivered by my guides and angels as I worked my way through surrendering to the emotions, trusting that the solutions would present themselves and giving gratitude for this experience and the amazing life I lead. The evening ended with a celebration at 9 pm and a very good night’s sleep!

Day 7: Laughter as a Healing Tool
This morning’s session was lead by Laraaji Nadananda, an amazing musician and Laughter Therapy specialist.

Quotes for today from Laraaji: “Laughter is the shortest distance between me and myself.” and “Hurry home by stop leaving.”

It is scientifically proven that laughter has health benefits. Through laughter, the lining of the blood vessels is softened and the blood flow is increased, stimulating the immune system. Laraaji taught us how to “tone” our bodies from head to abdomen using laughter, directing different laughter tones into the pituitary gland, thyroid, thymus, heart and abdomen. He suggested starting each day by laughing into these areas of the bodies as a way to wake up and stimulate the body’s systems. He ends with taking in a big breath and releasing it through laughter from the top of the head all the way down to your toes. It felt amazing and energizing!

Laraaji taught us a “laughter meditation” technique, using the same theory. Lying down, the areas of the body are toned with laughter as described above, then you lie in silence and go into meditation. This technique brought me deeper into meditation than any others before.

We ended with the Happy Feet song performed by Laraaji, dancing all around the room to wake us out of our dream state!

Laraaji Nadananda

This afternoon Jonathan touched on working with crystals and sound. Crystals are transducers of energy, and are encoded with the sound and energy given to them. We were each given a crystal that had been on the alter for the past 7 days, encoded with the energy of the room and the toning and chanting done by the class participants. He had us take our crystals in our palm, then led us through another amazing meditation journey.

Each facet of the crystal can be used as a portal to answer questions, from our health issues to life purpose. As we went into meditation, we chose a portal to enter in our mind. I was shown by my guide through many doorways and various stages of my life purpose. I walked past those individuals and groups I was meant to counsel and heal, and ended up on stage giving a concert with my band in front of a stadium-sized crowd. I started the concert with a Tibetan Singing Bowl and the music was meant to both entertain and heal.

I am forever grateful for the experience this week and I look forward to manifesting my life path in the months and years to come. More tomorrow on our last full day!

Sound Healing Day 5: Toning & Body Scanning

Posted on: July 21st, 2010 by lisabell 2 Comments

This morning’s class focused on body scanning and toning. Scanning the body is done using a “siren” tone on an oo or oh that starts from the top of the body and moves down, with the pitch of the tone moving down as it flows down the front of the body. The photo shows Erin scanning my body, using only her head to direct the sound downward.

Ann, Lisa and Liga-Body scanning and toning

When an overtone appears in the voice (a higher pitched sound that appears above the note we are actually toning), that is the place on the body on which to concentrate. For me, the place was in my solar plexus. I had experienced a stitch in my side earlier in the day, and the sound was working to clear the issues.

In toning, we are letting the sacred sound come through us from above. We are merely vessels for the sacred sonic offering and the body can take it or reject it. We are not forcing sound upon the body, the body knows what it needs.

The sound given to us by the other person actually resonates from within our own bodies. As Erin toned my stomach area, I felt a vibration there and in my lips, as well as a sense of increased heat. I also felt an opening an releasing in the area. The stitch was gone. The same thing happened when Liga took a turn and focused the toning on my heart chakra. It felt more open, loving and willing to receive and give love.

When it was my turn to tone Erin, my overtones happened at her throat. After a full scan of her body I went back and concentrated on her throat area with the toning. Afterward, she said she had a sore throat that day and the toning seemed to sooth it somewhat. The power of sound is truly remarkable on the body and on the planet.

Tomorrow is a Day of Toning to Heal the Earth. We will be toning for 12 hours, fasting and in silence for the entire day. I’m both nervous and very curious about what may happen during the day.

For anyone reading this who is so inclined to join us via the Internet, here is a message from Jonathan Goldman:

Dear Sound Healing Friends:

These are most tumultuous times we’re living in. No doubt many of you have already partaken in the numerous global meditations that have occurred to help assist our Mother Earth and create balance on this planet.

The work of many have shown the power of vocalized prayer-how our intention coupled with sacred sound can alter the very fiber of our being-and in particular, can change the very structure of our most precious commodity-water.

Our 15th Annual Healing Sounds Intensive will be taking place in the 3rd week of July. During the Intensive, on Thursday, July 22nd, we will be holding a Day of Toning-an extraordinary event in which our attendees sound together for healing of ourselves and our planet. We would like to invite you to participate with us and co-create it as a Global Toning event by joining us via the internet at

At noon Eastern Daylight Time (NY Time) on Thursday, July 22nd for one hour we will be sounding together specifically for both personal and planetary healing in order to create positive shift and change on our beloved Gaia, including assisting the waters of our dear planet. If you would like to join us, simply go to the “AH” Toning Chamber at the and sound along with us. Your sounds and prayers will blend along with ours at the Intensive. Synergistically, we will co-create an extraordinary waveform of transformational energy to assist planetary healing.

Sound Healing Day 4: Sound & Emotion

Posted on: July 20th, 2010 by lisabell 8 Comments

“Sound helps us to remember our innate wisdom and helps to dissolve emotional memories held within the body.” Vickie Dodd

This afternoon’s session was led by Vickie Dodd, director of the Sacred Sound School in Zurich and a Sound Healer for more than 40 years. Her sound healing techniques involve “sounding the body.” The physical body “records” the story and emotions of life and holds onto those memories. Sound can be used to release the negative emotions trapped in the body from past traumatic experiences.

Vickie says “The body does not have an investment in the story and it will release both physical and emotional holds simply by toning the body.” The body is primarily liquid in its makeup and it takes on the shapes of our everyday lives, from having arguments to the negative effects of sitting at a computer all day.  Those stresses can can cause the liquids within our body to congeal, coagulate, crystallize, or constrict, preventing proper flow of our vital liquid system and causing dis-ease.

Those who have pains in their bodies and go to a body worker to help ease the pain would benefit from first toning the body themselves or visiting a practitioner who uses both sound healing and body work within their practice. Allowing the fluid to flow freely again makes it more clear just what bodily functions are still functional and will allow the work to be more effective. If something is stuck it wants movement. If something is functional it will move.

Vickie uses all sorts of sounds from a “mythical” language she developed from the plant, animal and celestial worlds, to simple tones and overtones. She had us tone our own bodies by letting go of our negative “whining” thoughts. She has us speak them out loud first i.e. “I’m not good enough.” Then those words quickly turn into gibberish-words and sounds of our choice that often sound like a child throwing a temper tantrum. This is done for a few minutes (all the while reminding yourself that you are ALLOWED to make these “crazy” sounds) then they turn into a simple, soothing hum for a few minutes. This had an amazing, calming effect and helped to release the energy surrounding the negative thoughts.

Vickie demonstrated her form of sound healing/body work with a man from the class. She worked on his spine as he laid face down on a massage table. She toned, whined, talked gibberish and made amazing vocal overtones as she ran her hands up and down his spine and his body. The man was brought to tears in the end, releasing some deep emotions trapped within. He also said that his back felt amazingly better. Crying is actually the best way to release toxicity in the body. Unfortunately our society is always trying to tell us not to cry, especially if it’s a man. The body is simply processing the negative emotions out.

Vickie says that accepting where your health is today is the key.  Say to yourself: “I must be in complete acceptance of how my body is today before it can get better. I must cease fighting and blaming everything and everyone if I want freedom.”

Vickie says that self healing is possible and necessary. Approaching the body from a fresh point of not knowing what it really needs is a good start. “May I embrace my body’s teachings and stop rejecting them. Let me know you better and come to you from a place of not knowing. Teach me how to love you. Tell me what you need from me.”

May we all learn to take responsibility for the care of our own bodies by first asking the questions and realizing that we have the power to cure ourselves of many basic discomforts. And may we never be afraid or embarrassed to cry and let go of some of that negativity we may have been carrying around our entire lives.

The 8th Chakra-The Angel Chakra

Posted on: July 19th, 2010 by lisabell 2 Comments

Today we experienced a VERY powerful session where we were given the opportunity to open up a portal on our bodies to receive a message about our true purpose on Earth. The portal is called the Angel Chakra.

There are 7 major Chakras (energy vortexes) in the body, each serving several specific functions in both physical and emotional health and well-being. But there is compelling evidence of an 8th Chakra that Jonathan Goldman has named the “Angel Chakra,” located between the third eye and the crown. This area can be seen and felt in all newborn babies in the fontanel or soft spot on the top of their head. This is the last area that closes in human beings, as they receive the messages and encoding for their life journey.

As each living soul enters the world, they are given instructions for this lifetime, received as energy from their angels through the 8th Angel Chakra. This information is encoded into the body through light and and inpouring of spirit. It’s there to remind us later in life about what our true purpose really is. But just how do we “open up” the portal to the Angel Chakra?

Jonathan taught us today about the sound “Nurr” and its power to unlock the mysteries. By toning the sound, we can bring more light into our beings and help access communication with higher levels of consciousness. We can activate the memories and our soul purpose encoded within the Chakra.

For me the experience was profound, emotional and very real. I plan to incorporate this technique into my work as an Intuitive Career Coach to help those I’m working with to access their own intuition and guides. The session for me today both clarified and confirmed one piece of my life mission. I received very powerful words that indicated the direction I need to go.

I’m excited to share this technique and many more with those wishing to learn more about their role in this vast universe. We’re all on an amazing life journey to find out how to reach our highest potential and share our greatest good with the world. We are each here to make a true difference while here on Earth. Please feel free to ask me more about my experience and the technique when I return.

Sound Healing Day 2

Posted on: July 18th, 2010 by lisabell 2 Comments

The universe is music and life is all about sound. Everything has a vibration, including every organ in our body. If something is vibrating out of ease, that = dis-ease, or disease. Think of the body as a symphony. If a cello player loses his sheet music, they may start to play discordant notes, throwing off the whole section and therefor the rest of the symphony. Sound healing works to atune the body once again by aligning those out of tune frequencies.

It’s true for the planet as well. The whole of the world vibrates and we can work to heal the planet by correcting the out of alignment frequencies. Loud, harsh sounds (city noise, loud music, etc.) are counter-productive to the healing.

Quote for today from Jonathan Goldman: “Sound is an extraordinary tool for shifting and changing the vibration of our own bodies, those of others and that of the planet.”

More tomorrow!

Sound Healing Day One

Posted on: July 17th, 2010 by lisabell Click to Comment

I’m on a 9-day sound healing adventure with Jonathan Goldman’s Sound Healing Intensive near Loveland at the Sunrise Ranch Center.

There are about 80 people here, men and women, all different ages and walks of life. People have come from at least 20 different countries from around the world. My roommates are Liga from Latvia and Patricia from Australia. Others are from Japan, Ecuador, France, Canada, England, Ireland, Africa and many more!

We started with an invocation and welcoming session by Jonathan Goldman and his wife Andi. We all went around the room and said our first name, favorite color and affirmation. My color was sage and the affirmation “Transformation.” We went around the room and held a sacred blue crystal in our hands, next to our heart as we said our name etc. Then the entire room toned our name in triads. It was an electrifying experience.

A couple of key learnings from this afternoon:
-The term “Harmonic Transmission” is the ability to make certain sounds merely by being in the presence of others. Jonathan learned how to Tuva throat sing simply by recording Monks doing it in the studio. He woke up the next morning and was able to make incredibly deep tones that he never could before.

The second:
-“The shortest distance between two people is laughter.” says Laraaji Nadananda who is a co-teacher and expert in laughter therapy. But we already knew that!

Thursday is a Day of Toning to heal the earth. The entire world’s population is invited to join in from 10-11 a.m. MST. More on that tomorrow! Join us!

Help me heal the Gulf Wildlife with a CD purchase

Posted on: July 1st, 2010 by lisabell 2 Comments

Like everyone, I have been watching the BP oil spill crisis in the Gulf with rage and disbelief. And while it has not really been in the news much as of late, the “spill” (more like gushing) continues. It was reported by AP today the spill has reached the 140.6 million gallon mark-the largest oil spill in history.

In addition to having dire impact on the environment, fishing and tourism industries throughout the Gulf Coast, more than 400 species of animals are at risk. There are massive cleanup efforts underway by many organizations which need thousands of volunteers and funding in order to have an impact. While I can’t personally make it there to volunteer, I feel a need to do something to help “heal the Gulf.”

From July 1-August 1, I will donate the proceeds of my CD and download sales for my new CD Dancing on the Moon to the National Wildlife Federation to go toward their wildlife cleanup and restoration efforts. It’s a small effort on my part, but it’s a step in the right direction. Please order a copy online at just come to a show soon and get your copy.

Together we can make a small difference!