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The Power of Manifestation-My Journey with Hippie Tendencies

Posted on: September 28th, 2010 by lisabell 15 Comments

I am so very blessed to have just spent two weeks performing and hanging with the most amazing group of friends and musicians. I was fortunate to host Hippie Tendencies (HT) from Verona, Italy for two weeks at my house while they performed in the Boulder/Denver area.

HT at Rocky Mountain National Park

I helped them to book & promote the tour, sang backup and was the opening act for them at the big Soiled Dove show. I brought them one of my core band members, electric guitar player Bob Story and he did an amazing job playing their music and reveling in the love fest as well! And they LOVE Bob Story!

Bob Story and Lisa Simmons

Both HT’s lead singer Lisa Simmons and I manifested this dream and the experience was far beyond our wildest imaginations. Not only did HT get to experience the full gamut of American performance venues, but deep, lasting friendships were born in the process.

The beginnings of manifestation
When I first started my professional musical journey 9 years ago, one of my dreams was to perform in Europe. I said this as often as I could in interviews and to anyone who would listen. And even though it will have been ten years since putting that out to the Universe, it will come true next July when we turn the tables and they host me and some members of my band in Italy.

One of the things to learn about manifesting is that you need to be very specific. For example, I don’t know that I was ever specific about the timing of this mythical European tour of mine. ” So what if it takes 10 years?” says the Universe. I had hoped that it would be sooner than that but I’ll take it. I had gotten very close over the years, but never had a way to get band members once I was overseas. Now I have a fantastic band who all already know my music, a place to stay and amazing support of our new friends.

We learned a lot about expectations as well over the two weeks. While the Soiled Dove show was the highest profile event during the two weeks, it was by no means the best performance for everyone. As the tour progressed, everyone jelled more and relaxed into the music. Our outdoor performance at Boulder’s Fall Festival was probably the best overall with a good crowd and a far more relaxed atmosphere. The lesson? Sometimes when you put too much emphasis on one thing vs. another, the Universe steps in to remind you that each event in life  should be cherished as much as the next. Revel in the moment.

While they were here, we took them to Red Rocks to see the amazing venue and to step on to the stage to feel what it would be like to perform there. I had no idea it would be so easy to perform a few tunes on stage!

Lisa Bell, Christian Codenotti and Lisa Simmons on stage at Red Rocks!

We attracted a crowd and they gained some new fans from around the world. We worked on really “feeling” the performance at Red Rocks, putting ourselves on that stage for a full house paying audience. The day before they had made a newspaper in Estes Park with a headline that we asked one of their new fans to read.

Believe it, feel it and be in the space. The key to manifestation is to see the moment in the future, but also to feel it with your whole body, mind and spirit. No better way to do that then to physically do it.

Throughout the week, HT performed at every type of American performing venue:

The Whistler-an eclectic bar in Nederland:
Baker Street-a restaurant in Boulder:

Soiled Dove-a major big stage venue in Denver
Rock N’ Soul open mic night in Boulder:
The Laughing Goat-coffee shop:

Boulder’s Harvest Fair-an outdoor festival:
El Chapultepec Too-traditional dive bar
And culminating with a house concert in my backyard!

Friendship Manifested
For the last few years I have felt a need for a group of close friends who I could also call a real band. Again, it’s too bad that I wasn’t specific enough with my manifestation! Little did I know that HT from Italy would welcome me as one of them on their songs and completely kick butt playing mine! Now for finding that reality in the states!

The most exciting thing that happened over the two weeks though was the deep friendships that were developed. Though Lisa and I barely knew each other in high school, it was as though we had known each other our entire lives, and maybe before. We fell almost immediately into a close, comfortable relationship, discovering in the process that while we live in opposite ends of the world and have had very different lives on the surface, our similarities were unbelievable. Lisa has become the best friend I have been seeking. Again, bummer that I wasn’t very specific about manifesting a true, deep friendship with someone I could actually hang out with on a regular basis!

The rest of the band also become very close to my husband Steve (on my left) and I as well as Bob.

Each brought a different element to the mix, and all were lovely and amazing individuals. We truly believe we have found a group of people with whom we were meant to be with, and perhaps we have all been friends before, in some other time and place. We can’t wait for our time in Italy next year, as well as many more things in the future years to come.

Lisa and I both believe that this is only the beginning and the future holds some amazing surprises for us. To that end, Lisa and I have made a pact to write music together weekly via Skype-a grand experiment that Bob wants to be a part of. Three way international Skype songwriting-it may be a first!

The Final HT Manifestation
On the way to the airport early yesterday morning, everyone was quite somber. Lisa’s life partner and HT keyboard player, co-writer and music director Marco mentioned that he did not want to go home. He said maybe they should see how much it would be to change their tickets and stop over in NYC for a bit. Lisa said that they could possibly stay at a friends apartment in the city. But the realities and cost of changing airline tickets for everyone was daunting and not likely. As the day progressed, their flights kept getting delayed, and in the end, by no fault of their own, they were stuck for nearly 24 hours in-you guessed it-NYC. Lisa called her friend and he happened to be out of the country, but offered the use of his huge and amazing Manhattan apartment for the night. As they called last night to tell me the exciting news, we talked about this amazing last manifestation and how precise it was. Marco saw it, felt and and believed he was going to be able to see NYC for the first time.

I look forward to the future with my new found friends and amazing musical colleagues. For those of you who made it to any of the concerts, I know you could feel the love emanating from stage. Pure joy is created when true friends and fantastic musicians get together to perform such powerful music. Lisa’s father said that the whole situation was truly a miracle, and I believe that’s right. Never in my wildest dreams could I have imagined a better two weeks and that it would lead to a lifetime ahead of adventures in music with these amazing soul sisters and brothers.

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15 Responses

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  2. Experienced it in January this year in London Was surreal, massive fluffy snow flakes were falling but there was very little wind for some Close to 1ft of snow in 30

  3. buenoo te entiendoooo io te tengo terror alas ratas y la neta es ke … si te paralizas sientes ke el aire te falta …. pero .. todo se vence cuando ves ke lo ke mas amas …. esta en peligro eso kreo io

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  5. WHAT? A cute little girl peeking out of a darling cup? Wayyyyy too cute! I love your color choices and that lace trim is perfection. Hugs my friend!

  6. Lapsityövoimalla tehtyä tuotetta ei kaupassa erota mitenkään, mutta turkiksen erottaa. Valvonta olisi siis huomattavasti helpompaa, jos haluttaisiin kieltää myös myynti. Pelkästä tarhauksen kieltämisestä Suomessa ei ole kai oikein mitään hyötyä, ellei se sitten vaikuta turkistuotteiden kysyntään. Jotenkin en näe kärsivien elukoiden siirtämistä kauemmaksi minään ratkaisuna.

  7. It’s about time someone wrote about this.

  8. Lynn Skinner says:

    Ahhhhhh, such radiance. II was away during your gigs, and am so happy they went so well.
    I am thrilled for you, Lisa, and also Bob. I can’t stop here, can I?? I am also thrilled for Lisa Simmons and her ensemble. What a wonderful story of many riches, and a lesson for us all.
    Thank you for modeling such success on so many levels.

  9. Lou says:

    It was the highlight of my 2 week vacation @ home to see these musicians perform with the great energy & emotion.

    Keep me posted out here in Santa Barbara.

  10. Lisa Simmons says:

    Ah Lisa, what a beautiful beautiful summation of those 2 weeks! I feel exactly as you do .. so blessed so lucky and am still enchanted by the connection felt by all involved. It was a powerful and extraordinarily moving experience. I know profoundly that we all created this joy .
    I visualized and wished for .. longed to play in the States with H.T. and have forever been looking for a deep friendship with a musical sister and voila it’s all happened. Words fail me (some songwriter!!) when trying to describe the immense sense of “rightness” felt throughout those two weeks, not just on stage but in our burgeoning friendships.
    Bob Story is an amazing man and musician who I feel honored to have played with and so look forward to collaborating with. I agree Bob, I’m ready to do it all over again, as soon as possible! Let’s keep this show on the road!! Now that we have all experienced the power of manifestation , we must keep the ball rolling!
    You , my dear , could not be more my sister if we were blood related. Your kindness, sensitivity , sense of humor and boundless talent is an enormous source of inspiration. I can’t wait to start our skype experiment! I miss you both as well as Steve, feel a real sense of loss not being near you all and am glad to have the thought of our future collaborations to console. Your music in Italia is going to be so loved and we are no doubt going to have a blast sharing that indefinable energy and joy with as many audiences as we can pack in !
    Steve and Lisa – Thank you for opening your heart and home to us, Lisa for lending us your gorgeous voice. Thank you Bob for sharing your extraordinary talent with us, thank you both for sharing a sense of wonder with us, for your amazing professionalism and delightful senses of humor. This is the beginning… and what a beginning!!

  11. Mountain Max says:

    thank’s so much for everything!! 🙂

  12. Mountain Max says:

    Colorado is very great land!!
    Lisa, was a big pleasure for me and for us to share this emotion with you
    thank you very much Lisa, thank you very much Steve!
    big hug


  13. bob story says:

    Lisa, It is true what you write and could not have been said better. Playing my first note/groove with the guys in your house something felt special and right. All of the musical pleasure centers started firing and it took me a few moments to realize the cause of. A musical conversation was going on like your experience with Lisa Simmons. We had known each other for a long time and just hooked up again after a long absence.

    Now lets get it on the road because it will be irresistible to those who experience what you describe. I am ready to do it all over again now.

  14. A F Simmons says:

    This is a wonderful essay. I loved every bit of it & it shows your true loving nature. I am a lucky person to be included in your circle of friends.

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