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Posted on: September 28th, 2010 by lisabell 9 Comments


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    .E não me venha com Omar Khayam. Esse estava-se cagando para o Islão. Queria era vinho e mulheres, como qualquer gajo agnóstico que se preza. Fazer dele um ícone do Islão é pornográfico. É como dizer que a MIss Venezuela é boa, porque na Venezuela há socialismo do séx XXI e ela,a miss, é um exemplo do socialismo.

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  3. I don't quite understand how it seems impossible to get a list of countries anywhere despite this being commented on multiple times on every article mentioning this deal.And why give a link for the channel if it seems to be blocking every country for now? Or could this actually be permanent? :s

  4. According to Forbes barf bags and murder weapons are great things to collect, but one guy sold his collection of 301 pennies for $10.7 mil. Talk about return on investment! Just think if his family had found a jar full of pennies and thrown them out….

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    Holy cr*p! I wouldn’t want to camp near that in a high wind!Hey, if we had had the mass consciousness experiment, I would be telling you it worked! Rained for 3 days here! I dread checking that field of asparagus…The temp was 80 degrees yesterday & with the heat & rain, you can almost see that stuff grow!Can we get comments on Sotomoyor’s religious background? She’s Catholic. Should be an interesting mix on the Supreme Court…the battle between the conservative Catholics & the liberal CatholicsMore, later. I’m just not sure how later.

  6. e3Marcela, nada ainda…mas tenho fé que uma hora chega, eu mandei um email para eles esses dias e eles me falaram que ja foi mandado pros correios mas pode demorar de 1 a 2 meses.

  7. O Anónimo bem se pode ir masturbar para outro lado se não se importa. Ou fazer a revolução armada na sua rua. Você decide. À Pastelaria ninguém é obrigado a vir, embora eu goste particularmente de clientes tesos e sem rosto, tipo Comandante Marcos. Quanto a vibradores, temo desiludi-lo: não fornecemos. Só bolas de berlim.

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  9. That’s not even 10 minutes well spent!

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