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Posted on: July 16th, 2011 by lisabell 4 Comments


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  1. http://www./ says:

    secondo me sono effetti dovuti alle lenti (telefonino… pfui…) e all’umidità.Scommettiamo che se la rifà con una macchina fotografica seria il problema non appare o almeno non così notevole?

  2. My allergies stop as soon as the fruit is cooked. Though, I only really like apples. Nothing like your throat closing up to make you not like to eat something!

  3. The topic starter give us some decent points there~~~ before I have no idea about it but now I seemed know somthing~~~lol~`thanx the starter ~~keeping your blog fresh..I will get your back

  4. Oj tusen tack för den kommentaren, jag var på väg att dra loss allt! Och skönt att veta att där kommer att växa någonting nästa sommar igen

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