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1st review!

Posted on: April 27th, 2010 by lisabell Click to Comment

The reviews are starting to come in. Here is the first one from Neu Futur, Posted by James on April 26th, 2010

“Dancing On The Moon” is a rich entry to the world of Lisa Bell, as her vocals marry together all the strengths of artists like Sheryl Crow, Feist, and even Shania Twain. The instrumentation works nicely in the creation of compelling and alluring music, all while allowing Bell’s vocals to shine the brightest they can. “No Time” is a confident track in the sense that it clocks in at four and a half minutes; where a number of bands would slowly introduce themselves to fans, this nuanced and soulful track puts everything on the line at an early spot on “Dancing On The Moon”. “No Time” succeeds in the sense that Bell and the rest of her backing band builds a solid foundation of vocals and instruments, gradually increasing tempo and energy until that point where listeners are eagerly anticipating the next track.

“After All” is a track that further expands on the sounds possible by Bell, with nods made both to “La Isla Bonita”-era Madonna, Spanish guitar work, and even traditional jazz. This eclectic blend of differing styles and approaches is the reason that listeners will continue listening to “Dancing On The Moon”, while it allows for Bell and her band to choose exactly the right tools that are needed for the task that is at hand.

The disc continues to impress even at its later reaches’; “The Last Time” is the penultimate track, and it is really Bell’s vocals that reach up to a higher plateau. There is a soulful nature to these vocals that cut to the bone, and the blues side of Bell is allowed to come forth. While there is a net of instrumentation to act as a palette for Bell, one cannot deny that these vocals are the meat and potatoes of the track. “Dancing On The Moon” is a cohesive and coherent album that furthers specific approaches without going to the same well too many time. Subsequent listens to the title will ensure that more and more of the nuances will become known to the listener, while at the same time fostering one’s appreciation for what exactly has been done here.

Top Tracks: No Time, Change Is Free – Rating: 8.0/10