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Dancing on the Moon

Do you ever have the feeling that your life is not changing for the better? Your friends, your job all seems the same or worse? Everyone just complains all the time. Even the ones closest to you really don’t motivate you anymore. Isn’t life supposed to be better than this?

In Lisa Bell’s new release, Dancing On The Moon, she not only understands this but she shares her own personal thoughts and experiences. In the song, Change Is Free, she asks us to empower ourselves to make the changes we need regardless of where we may be in life. She encourages us to take control instead of letting life happen to us. It’s time to let go of the bad and transition to the better. Stop being the victim of your environment and start being the driving force of what you want out of life.

This theme is carried forward in Move On. Instead of going to a job everyday that is diminishing us, lets find what we are meant to do in life. Let go of the things that are holding us back and find our life path. The same is true in our relationships as she talks about in Carry On. As you know, not all relationships are the best for us. While they may have some good aspects, the real question is, is your relationship giving you what you need? Time to move on to something better.

Lisa’s gift of Dancing On The Moon is a call to all of us to reevaluate where we are in our lives. It’s a challenge to find the happiness we deserve by going forward and changing for the better versus being comfortable and accepting all the negative things around us.

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Music in 424

Dancing on the Moon was produced using A424 “RA Music” tuning rather than the standard A440 frequency. This frequency is believed to bring healing benefits to the brain and body, and is an important piece of my work in sound healing. Learn about Music in 424

Dancing On the Moon Track Listings
No. Track Name Original Song Lyrics
01 Dancing On the Moon Read Lyrics
I love this tune, written by my dear friend and the album’s producer Mark Oblinger, because of its strong metaphor for the life I and many other people are currently seeking. It’s about a person who is spinning just out of reach, the same way I view my life’s work. I long to utilize all of my passions to create a life that is true and rich, but that often seems unattainable in this world as many people want to put what you in a particular box and fail to “understand you” if you veer off the path that’s tried and true.
02 No Time Read Lyrics
What is it about certain relationships that seem to keep us chained to the memories for a very long time? No Time talks about the power that past relationships can hold even years after they’re over. It’s a melancholy song about pushing away the ghosts of the past in order to move forward.
03 Change Is Free Read Lyrics
Written right before the 2008 presidential election, Change is Free talks about the need for self change and personal accountability, especially during troubled times. We don’t have to “wait for the shining knight to save the day” in desperate times, we can take important steps now in our lives to pick ourselves back up after losing a job, look to the future and take control over our own destiny. It doesn’t take a lot of money, just tenacity and a little common sense to move ahead.
04 Move On Read Lyrics
A powerful song about the necessity of letting go of the safe and familiar, in order to move forward in our lives. I wrote this song when feeling very stuck in life’s routine, but knowing that the future had much in store if I just trusted it to unfold. The hardest thing for me is letting go of that comfortable life routine and jumping off that cliff into the unknown. But in order to move on we must let go of those things, people and situations that no longer serve us.
05 After All Read Lyrics
Coming out of the darkness of depression to find that there is no need to wait “for someone to rescue me” sums up After All. It’s difficult sometimes to realize that true love and happiness emanate from the inside, not from that special partner or friend. After finding that love I discovered a new happiness and strength that came from both inside and from the higher power.
06 Better Days Read Lyrics
Finding the proverbial silver lining in times of great challenge is the theme of Better Days. This song was written one day when the ice on the roads outside was 10 inches thick, full of ruts and sink holes and several weeks old. It felt like it would never go away, as did some of the difficult issues in my life at the time. I just wanted to escape on a magic carpet to a place where things would magically transform. But again the silver lining comes from that journey deep inside, and the “magic ride” can be taken at any time.
07 Misty Roses
A Tim Hardin classic about the sweetest love that emulates the beauty of “misty roses.” A friend of mine introduced me to this song one day as he played his Tim Hardin LP on his circa 1940s phonograph. We borrowed liberally from the beautiful and heartfelt original Tim Hardin arrangement of this classic song. The song was a natural fit for both my voice and the CD.
08 Stand Up Read Lyrics
Stand Up is a message to all about the steps we each can take to better the environment and our social landscape. By taking a look at what we can do to make a small difference to change the world as we know it today, we can leave behind a better legacy for our children. A music video for this song is featured on the non-profit Growing Gardens Web site and download sales benefit their ¡Cultiva! Youth Project. ¡Cultiva! is a youth-operated organic market garden program that teaches youth to care for and protect the environment, learn how to operate a small business, and take part in a variety of activities which create positive change for the community, the environment, and themselves.
09 How Long Read Lyrics
How Long is a fun story about a woman anticipating the return of her loved one after a long trip away. She can’t sleep the whole night before his arrival in anticipation of his “warm embrace again,” and shares her thoughts and frustration as she plots surprises for his long-awaited return. This song was inspired by a friend whose husband traveled constantly, and she could never sleep properly while he was away. This is most country-esque tune of the bunch and is currently being aired on country radio stations as far away as Japan.
10 Fire and Rain
A fresh take on the James Taylor classic song which includes references to personal stories within the early stages of his long and successful career. The references to “fire and rain” describe his difficult times in rehab, and the memory of an old friend who past on while he was there. I chose this song as it was one of the very first I learned to sing, around a campfire at summer camp when I was 13. It was there that a kind girl next to me commented that I had a good voice and should do something with my gift.
11 The Last Time Read Lyrics
The Last Time is a nod to those times when we’re swept away in a moment of escape from reality, such as rekindling an old flame on the dance floor. It seems real at the moment but upon reflection we realize that it’s not the real thing, just a “fantasy gone wrong,” and must be left behind.
12 Carry On Read Lyrics
In having to say goodbye to many relationships in my life, this song is an amalgamation of those stories, and the feelings when I knew it was time to go. It’s about taking that first step away from a troubled relationship, not knowing what lies down the road, but knowing in your heart that it’s time to “carry on alone.”