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Carry On

Empty eyes reveal me
You drop my hand and turn away
I see the pain flow through you
I take a breath and hear you say

How much you need me
The lines repeated day by day
But there’s something missing
So I turn the page, drift away

Can I see what went wrong
I know I waited much too long
But it’s time to carry on
Time to carry on

I search the wall between us
To try and find an open door
You’re right here beside me
But I can’t reach you any more

How can I know for certain
I won’t be lost without your smile
There’s questions on the road ahead
But I have to take it for awhile


It shouldn’t be this hard to love you
Trying to catch a spark out of thin air
Who knows someday I may find way again
And I won’t be surprised if you’re right there


Empty eyes reveal you
I drop your hand and turn away
Feel the pain flow through you
But I turn the page, slip away