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Music in 424

What is RA Music?

Dancing on the Moon was produced using A424 “RA Music” tuning rather than the standard A440 frequency. This frequency is believed to bring healing benefits to the brain and body, and is an important piece of my work in sound healing.

Since 1925, all music that has been composed and recorded has followed a “Man Made” standard in tuning, with the note A=440 cycles per second, an arbitrary standard that was agreed upon by the music industry so that all musical instruments could play together in a concert setting. Prior to that time, a majority of music was actually written and produced in frequencies that centered around A424.

The tuning fork was invented by John Shore in England in 1711 and had a pitch of A = 423.5 (within .5 cycles of the RA median value). Throughout the Baroque and Classical Periods, composers such as Sebastian Bach, Handle and Mozart, composed and performed their music in the “RA Nature Standard.”

The “A” note in RA Music has a frequency centered on A=424 cycles per second, which turns out to be more in tune with the natural world. Many animal sounds including a whale’s song, the bird’s chirp and the wolf’s howl are all centered on the natural frequency of A424. RA’s “Natural Frequency Music®” is based on the sounds of nature so it creates an encompassing experience – beneficial to your brain and body.

A424 has deep historical roots as well, with both the Mayan and Egyptian sacred toning chambers tuned to A424-vastly different cultures thousands of years and thousands of miles apart.

My producer and I  had the idea that by tuning Dancing On The Moon’s tracks to 424, the vibration of the music would be compatible with the listener’s vibrations so you will not only hear it in your ears but feel it with your entire body. This frequency is believed to bring mental and physical healing benefits.

When you record and perform music in the RA Music frequency, the music becomes in tune with nature and puts the listener in touch with a mental state that is most receptive to external input. Because the RA tuning resides lower than the tuning to which our ears are accustomed, the sound is naturally deeper and more relaxed. Songs in RA are compatible with your vibration, and can be felt throughout the entire body – not just in your ears.

Music tuned to A424 speaks to the heart through the 4th chakra (an energy vortex within the body). Popular music can affect us on a deeper level than we ever thought and I really believe you can hear and feel the difference. It’s our hope that this music will touch your body, mind, heart and soul at a deeper level.

I personally find that performing in 424 results in a more spiritually connected, inspired and creative performance. I hope you agree! For more information you can read this article in Vision Magazine, this article in the Denver Post or visit the RA Music website.

Let us know what you think! Listen to Carry On in A440 and A424 here to see if you can feel the difference.

Carry On at 440

Carry On at 424

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16 Responses

  1. Shira Hunt says:

    Just wanted to let you know that I understand Ra frequency and have been teaching about it for years. Your links on this page to other articles and websites do not work.


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  3. judyaprice says:

    I feel the difference immediately. This is beautiful and resonates throughout the body with grace and peace.


  4. lisabell says:

    I will ask my guitar player and let you know if he can answer that question. Lisa

  5. James says:

    Anybody know the co-relevant frequencies for BCDEFG, when A=424?

  6. lisabell says:

    Thanks Doug-I share your same thoughts! Sadly it’s hard to tune everything to 424, vs. just a 1/2 step down as it’s a 60 cent difference, in the cracks!

  7. Doug says:

    Thank you! 440 tends to bouce off rather than envelope… I play harmonica and have played with bands that drop half step. Never really “got it” other than string bending. Now I do….

  8. Robert says:

    I felt the difference right away. What I find interesting is that this tuning sounds closer to a half step below at 440 than the original pitch at 440. Years ago, inspired by Stevie Ray Vaughn, I used to tune all of my guitars down a half step and loved it. I only tuned back to standard 440 pitch because being in a half step lower confused my guitar students. Now I am inspired to explore 424 and introduce my students to it as well. So, I just calibrated my electronic tuner to 424. Gotta go: it’s time to practice!

  9. Athena says:

    Absolutely hair raising voice. Beautiful!

  10. Lisa Bell says:

    Thanks Jim for listening. The best information can be found in Vision Magazine which is a link above. Very interesting stuff about the tuning of the Egyptian and Mayan ceremonial rooms in 424-thought 5,000 years apart.

  11. Jim says:

    i have it now- my links were not highlighted in the above text. thank you!

  12. Jim says:

    I felt the 424 version was MUCH clearer- almost like the volume of my system increased. I prefer it (424) over the 440. I’d like to know more about the healing or health aspects of 424 ‘tuning with the body’. Can you point me in the right direction for this? Thanks for enabling this sampling- it’s very interesting.

  13. lisabell says:

    Thanks Eileen for listening! Lisa

  14. lisabell says:

    Hi Tina-thanks for the comment! Lisa

  15. tina says:

    i much prefer the 424 version

  16. Eileen says:

    Didn’t feel different in my body but the 424 was fuller and even seemed as if it had more bass. Tried it a few times. Interesting!!

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