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What Can I Do

Silently you come to me, reaching out in the dark of night
That peaceful look upon your face, sooths my soul in this world of fright
When the morning comes and your still here I lose all my fear
I know you’re the one to brighten my day like the morning sun.

Oh, Oh what can I do, but tell you I love you
Oh, Oh what do I see, I see only you and me
Oh, Oh what can I say, I love you more every day

Walking down that winding road, alone again, it sure gets old
But then you’re there right by my side to fill my world with joy and pride
I can’t thank you enough for being a friend in my time of need
Never once did you take advantage of me through hurt or greed


Just when you least expect it loves knocks on the door, so don’t reject it
You move my earth and sky so let me in, don’t let your heart deny

The stars we gaze at in the night remind us that we are filled with light.
A light of peace and happiness in the crazy world of emptiness.
A whisper in my ear, a gentle touch removes all my fear
You’re holding me so tight, I soar above, you make my wings take flight