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It’s All About Love

Wealth and privilege
Are they the lucky ones
Putting on the show the way they do

Moods and melancholy
Maybe they don’t really care
Baby you and I have never been there

It’s not the finer things in life
It’s not the fortune that they share
It’s something that comes from the sky above, the sky above
Baby it’s all, it’s all about love

It’s all about love
It’s all about love
It’s all about love
It’s all about
It’s all about love

It’s not the tangible
That makes us who we are
Look beyond the worldly things
Ya know they only go so far

We don’t have the most
Ah, but we are the lucky ones
Rich in ways that can’t be seen
Perfection on the inside
Finest thing that you can’t buy
It’s simply the love you can’t deny