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For more than a decade, Lisa has been sharing a personal connection with her fans. From her evolution as a songwriter to her performances with legendary artists and work with the healing benefits of music & sound. Lisa invites her listeners to relate their own life experiences and journey we are all on together.

"I believe that positive music can make the world a better place and I have been on a mission to inspire the listener take heart and take action with music that is fun, fresh, upbeat and thought provoking. For the past 12 years, I have been writing and performing songs that make a difference through positive, empowering lyrics at venues across the country and internationally. My 4th CD, The Italian Project is my first transatlantic project that includes collaboration with my new friends and immensely talented musical colleagues in Italy." -- Lisa

The Italian Project is the product of a beautiful dream come true; one that embodies love, hope, and the overriding positive message that we can truly achieve anything we set our minds to. In 2009, Lisa Marie Simmons and Lisa Bell, who both attended high school at the same time in Boulder, CO, reconnected by Facebook for the first time in more than 25 years. This synchronistic virtual meeting resulted in a four-year international music adventure that included performances in Italy and Colorado, and culminated with co-writing (along with Bob Story) the 11 songs on this CD.

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"The Italian Project is a perfect blend of musical genres ranging from roots to jazz. One moment you feel like you are in an Eagles song, then something happens and you feel like you're in a studio in Nashville with some of the best pickers….but then your ears blink as you try to figure out how you ended up in a classy jazz club listening to blues-roots-rock…What a journey!"
-- Mid Tennessee Music


"Bell opens the album in a warm, country fashion with "Bring the Love," playful lyrics merging with the artist's great vocal work, drawing to mind an artist and sound like Bonnie Raitt."
-- Andrew Greenhalgh


"Bell digs down deep to bring you spellbinding lyrics and an emotionally-drenched performance that will leave you wanting more."
-- Jimmy Ray (Skope Magazine)

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