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Dare to Be… Reviews

Keyboard Magazine – November 2003

Some serious, searing, and sassy jazz fronted by the talented Ms. Bell, whose voice can soothe like butter, ache with pain, and rouse the troops. Jon Glazer soars on piano and a bit of organ, and did most of the arranging. The rest of the band is first-rate as well…

DenverLocalMusicScene.Com “Passion Reviews” January 2003

I would never take a date to go see Lisa Bell perform. When i’m out with a guy, I want the attention on ME and I doubt that anyone hearing what I just heard would keep their eyes off that kind of performer….

Estes Park News on Nov. 8, 2002

Every track on this CD is given an individual presentation, but the overall sound is one of very professional “cool” jazz with a heart of warmth behind it. In particular, Ms. Bell’s rendition of “My Romance/That’s the Way of the World” represents this dynamic very well….

Cosmik.Com October 2002 – By Shaun Dale

Although the material that Lisa Bell selected for her debut recording consists of some of the most familiar pieces in the jazz songbook, her approach to the songs not only showcases her considerable vocal talent, but frames some of the material in settings that are more interesting than you might imagine from a simple scan of the track list. A good example is the opening track, an Afro-Cuban arrangement of Gershwin’s “Summertime.” Until hearing it, I would have been hard pressed to find a good reason for yet another version of the tune, but Bell provides the reason both in her performance and approach.

Denver Post September 1, 2002

“Divas” seem to be everywhere these days, but Lisa Bell can do what many don’t dare to attempt: She can scat. And scat she does, as well as display a wide variety of vocal gymnastics, on “Dare to Be” ….


Lisa Bell’s demo came to FEMMUSIC from a local source. Hearing it there was no choice but to have her here. Bell has a BA in vocal performance from the Conservatory of Music at the University of Missouri-Kansas City. She has performed with Bobby McFerrin and Marilyn Maye. Her vocals are clear as a….you know, and her originals show promise of many great things ahead. The name of her demo is The Sentimental Mood.

The Coloradoan, Anna Maria Basquez, August 2002

“The listener likely won’t be able to tell “Dare to Be…” is the singer’s first professional recording from the silky, jazzy confidence of her voice.”

Denver Westword, Laura Bond, August 2002

Bell is stylish, confident, capable and likable enough to pull it off. Lannie, look out. – Laura Bond, Westword