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The Italian Project Reviews


Collaborating with her transatlantic friends in Italy, Lisa’s aiming worldwide with her messages of manifestation, empowerment, and stories of change. And with an open heart and lifted smile, I can honestly say this is deeply reflected in this album and all I hear is in each and every song is Lisa singing with her entire soul and all the beauty that lies within her.-Siobhan Chapman

Music Street Journal

What a great album this is. Lisa Bell’s voice is strong and also very versatile. The music here really runs a pretty wide gamut. Yet, it never feels contrived. It’s always quality stuff. This is an excellent album that should appeal to a very wide range of listeners. Come for the voice, stay for the music. — G. W. Hill

Matheson’s Entertainment Blog

When listening to The Italian Project from Lisa Bell, the variety in the music for the 11 tracks that make up the release is the first thing you’ll notice. And with each track on the album, the talents of Lisa Bell, Lisa Marie Simmons and Bob Story become more and more evident. No matter what genre of music you like, you’ll find a lot to enjoy on the newest release from Boulder, Colorado’s Lisa Bell.

Wildy’s World

Lisa Bell is not one to be nailed down to one particular genre, but she does sound most at home in that particular mix of rock and country that Bonnie Raitt did so well. There are even vocal similarities between the two artists. Bell is her own creation, however, and flits from genre to genre as she sees fit. Her lyrics are positive and pragmatic, working to build rather than to teardown. — Wildy Haskell

Mid Tennessee Music

The Italian Project is a perfect blend of musical genres ranging from roots to jazz. One moment you feel like you are in an Eagles song, then something happens and you feel like you’re in a studio in Nashville with some of the best pickers….but then your ears blink as you try to figure out how you ended up in a classy jazz club listening to blues-roots-rock…What a journey!

Good Vibes

Bell has obviously created an album intended to spread kind words and encouragement to its listeners. And though those words envelop the songs, becoming all you can concentrate on at times, the instrumentation pulls the album through, making it a facet of her work worthy of paying close attention to. There is so much going on in here in way of genres and sounds, but it is blended so well that you will barely even notice the transitions. Bell has excelled at creating what she set out to produce – an honest album that will make you feel good about yourself, and one that might even lead you to look at life a little differently. She takes weighty subjects and tackles them with a graceful flair in both her lyrical and instrumental prowess. Bell has a slew of insightful, prudent ideas to share with anyone interested in listening. — Alec Cunningham

Inside World Music & Groove 2U

Overall, the eleven tunes represent a mix of blues, jazz, alt-rock, roots, and classic pop with a mature element that signals an invaluable recording. Fans will find some endearing tunes that are not to be missed. — Matthew Forss

Along the Journey

Bell harnesses the worlds of country, jazz, blues, and even adds a few Latin influences in order to create this world that she inhabits with her honeyed vocals. Bell opens the album in a warm, country fashion with “Bring the Love,” playful lyrics merging with the artist’s great vocal work, drawing to mind an artist and sound like Bonnie Raitt. It’s those more roots-flavored tracks that seem to find her at her best, as further evidenced by songs like “Come My Way,” colored by a more contemporary arrangement, and “Walk With Me” which reads like a Patty Griffin B-side. -Andrew Greenhalgh