We had our first rehearsal today with Hippie Tendencies from Italy, gearing up for our big show at the Soiled Dove this coming Saturday, September 18.

As I was sitting in rehearsal, I got all teary eyed realizing just how lucky I am and what great manifestation powers I have! It’s been nine years since I started my musical journey, and that first year I said that my goal was to be able to play in Europe. It’s now going to finally become a reality and with the most amazing group of musicians I could possibly imagine.

Check out more photos of Lisa Simmons, Marco Cremaschini, Massimo Saviola, Cesare Valbusa and Christian (too bad he’s married all you single gals) Codenotti, along with me and my fantastico guitar player Bob Story on my Facebook page.

The band sounds amazing and I am really enjoying hosting three of the band members at my house for 2 weeks. They are so grateful for a place to stay and food on the table! It makes me feel like my home is a very special place indeed.

Thank you universe for helping to answer my call to be a professional musician and take my music to lands far away. Thanks to Lisa Simmons and her fantastic band Hippie Tendencies for coming along when we needed each other the most.