The adventure begins! We arrived on Tuesday this week in Verona. Lisa & Marco picked up up and we went to their Casa for an amazing lunch and of course lots of vino. No napping! We then went to Sylvia & Matteo’s restaurant QB in Brescia and received dish after dish of incredible “apperativo” dishes and of course, lots of vino!

Bob Story (my guitar player) and his wife Kelly were arriving much later and had quite the travel story, but I will let them tell that one as they want!

The next day we spent  making   gnocchi and enjoying the company of our hosts in their casa!

That evening we went to the beautiful town of Sirmione and enjoyed the sites and more food & drink!!

Wednesday we had an 8 hour rehearsal (!) at a studio near Pozzolengo in a beautiful house/studio in the country. That is the dream! To own a studio and agriturimo here in Italy where we can host touring musicians, allow them to record in the studio and have beautiful music 24/7!

We had a 50th Birthday party that evening for Marco, my husband Steve and Bob & Kelly’s host Laura, at a beautiful agritusimo in the country just 5 minutes from the studio. Lots of amazing food, drink, fun and music!

Friday Steve and I and Bob & Kelly went early to Parma to find some authentico parmesiano reggiano and to eat Parma proscuitto (along with authntico parmigiano and Lambrusco of course!) in Parma before heading to the private party we were performing at nearby.

The party was in the country near Parma in an amazing setting!


We had them dancing all night long! Then it was back home-at 4 a.m.!

After a few hours of sleep and of course more delicious food prepared by Marco, it was off to Gargnano to the amazing 5 star resort Lefay. A perfect evening under the stars, with a view of the lake, beautiful mountains and glorious surroundings. Lots of tourists from around the world enjoyed our music all night.

Things I’ve learned so far:

1) Musicians are revered here in Italy far more than in the states. We have been treated with respect, fed well, our music enjoyed and CDs purchased, and the pay scale is nearly double that in the states!
2) European tourists love American music-originals and covers-as English is the common language for everyone. They just eat up everything, dance to the music and welcome us with open arms!
3) I have eaten more in the past five days than I have in a month at home! I have to slow down or my performance clothes will never fit by the end!
4) I’m in love with Italy and certainly my Italian hosts and friends. The long-term dream is to spend a great deal more time here!

Today we went to a BBQ party in our honor and then a free night with no performances! Though of course we all made music together anyway! Even my husband Steve sang!

Three more gigs this week! More photos can be found on my Facebook page and more blog to come…