I performed at Columbine Unity here in Boulder on Sunday, working with the amazing music director Ron Troester and the house band, along with Bob Story. We were performing a couple of tunes from our last CD, Dancing on the Moon. And the oddest thing happened. We did a full sound check before the first service and all seemed well. But when it came time to sing the first song, “poof!” the sound system was no longer working.

The frantic sound technician tried everything to get it working again and we had some better luck with the 2nd song, but I was still barely audible, even though I was on stage singing at full voice. We did a sound check before the 2nd service and learned that their whole new sound system had to be rebooted and that now it seemed to be back online. The sound check was great, we’re ready for the 2nd service!

All was going well until I got up to sing the first song again. “Poof!” the amplification was minimal. Again I sang from stage at full voice but the congregation kept craning their necks toward the sound booth in the back so I knew they couldn’t hear me. After a frustrated visit to the poor sound man who was by then pulling out his hair, I returned to my seat and let Spirit take over.

“What shall I do? What is the lesson here?” I asked. The answer was “Get to the heart of the music. This is an a capella moment! Join the congregation and get intimate with the song.”

And so I did. I immediately found the sweet spot acoustically in the church smack dab in the middle of the aisle. The band played behind me and my voice soared above.  It sounded beautiful, and I was able to connect with the congregation in a way that isn’t possible from the stage. The lesson? Get to the heart of the music, of the passion, why I do what I do.

I am so grateful to be able to share my inspiring music with the world, and am thankful for the “Divine Intervention” that made me get real with the song and the people around me.

My fundraising campaign for our 4th CD, The Italian Project, has taught me a lot about getting to the heart of why I do what I do. It’s not about performing in front of thousands of people, its about connecting with each and every person, with the goal of creating positive change through the music.

Every song on the new CD was written with that goal in mind. The songs are about hope, trust in the Universe, and most of all belief in ourselves that we can do anything we put our minds to.

I’ll take the lesson from Sunday as a reminder to never lose track of the bigger reason that I create music. If you want to help me in that mission, please pre-order your CD and more by visiting the Indie GoGo Page I have set up. Thank you to my supportive community and thank you for the life lessons we live every day.