I have been doing a lot of manifestation work over the past few months, culminating with a 10-week class I just finished called “Prosperity Plus” which I highly recommend! We have learned all about how to manifest big dreams, coming FROM the dream, as if it has already happened. I had the opportunity to apply the principals to a real life situation and I can’t believe the results!

If you’ve been following me and my music for awhile, you probably know that I released a new CD in 2013, and a music video for the song Walk With Me that features my adopted dogs Kona and Joey. Here is the link in case you just can’t get enough of it!

Walk With Me - Video

Walk With Me – Video

Smaller Joey & KonaThe song is all about the really cool “trick” that my dog Kona does which is taking his brother for a walk! I get so much positive feedback on the trick from the video and from people around town that I sought out dog trick contests. The biggest one out there is ABC Good Morning America “Dog Vs. Dog Contest.”  So I entered the contest with excerpts from the video of Kona leading his brother Joey around our beautiful trails of Boulder.

My ego kept saying things like: “That’s a less than spectacular trick.” “There will be hundreds of entrants so why bother?” “There’s no way to get the dogs to NY even if you bed one a finalist!” But in the class we learned to “correct” those thoughts, keeping positive and then taking action. So I asked myself “what would I be doing if I knew we were semi-finalists in the contest?”

I knew that the initial four semi-finalists would be notified this Friday June 27, voting would be conducted Monday and Tuesday of  next week, and that the final two contestants would appear live on Thursday, July 3. So I started making plans with that in mind. I decided that because the dogs are big, 11 years old and Kona especially has anxiety when he’s not with me, that flying would not be the best option. So I mapped out a driving route from Boulder to NYC-all 1800 miles of it! I knew we would need to leave Monday in order to arrive by Wed afternoon. I checked for all of the fun stops we could make along the way so we could have a fun video diary of the trip to share as we drove.

As we got closer, I talked with my husband and kids about taking the time off from work so we could make the drive.  My husband’s boss and co-workers thought it was a really fun idea!  I and recently listed my house to rent while we are on vacation during the year on VRBO. I had forgotten to manage the calendar when I first posted it, and out of the blue got a phone call from a family wanting to rent the house for Monday-Sunday-exactly when we would be driving to NY! The rental would pay for the gas and hotels along the way!

Just for fun, I looked up dog friendly hotels and restaurants in NYC, as well as fun things to do with the dogs while we were there. My husband and I did a visualization meditation about walking with the dogs in Central Park! I cleared my schedule the best I could, made arrangements in my head to fly back in time for the big performance at Cherry Creek Arts Festival on Friday, and waited for today to arrive!

I woke up this morning excited but those thoughts of doubt kept creeping in. But every time a negative thought reared it’s ugly head, my comeback was “why not us?” I knew that the trick brought so many people joy and regales of laughter that surely this would come across to the producer. As the morning went by I talked with my Web site consultant about what to do if we made it into the finals “a blog post!” So here we are!

I got the call at 11:15 as I was getting ready to record a new song with one of the co-writers of Walk With Me, Bob Story. I felt like I was having an out-of-body experience! I knew in my heart that they would call, when when it actually happened I just about fell over. She asked if we had any additional video and loved the idea of a music video when I told her about that. So fingers crossed, a part of that might be aired as well! A portion of the proceeds for that song go to the animal adoption agencies and I would so love to be able to make a large donation!

So this is the first of many blog posts that you will see in the next week as we make our way to NYC! Wish us luck and thanks in advance for voting for Kona!! I will post the voting page when that goes live, but here are the details that I know right now:

There are four semi-finalists, and each will have the videos of their “tricks” aired on the national television program next Monday and Tuesday. Viewers will cast their votes for their favorite two dogs from those videos. I won’t know which day the video airs until Monday, but we’ll know for sure on Wednesday if they make it to the finals. The final two contestants will appear live on Good Morning America in Times Square in NYC on Thursday, July 3. There should be a link on Monday on their Web site which is