Along the Beaches

Once upon a time
Walking the beach of life
Wandering and wondering, will this girl become a wife?

She came upon a scene
Her fantasy before her
She clearly could see her life, as she grew older

But time has a way
Of erasing illusions
Lifting the veil from our eyes
Times passes by and the world keeps on spinning
Love is the way to survive

Beaches in the night
Dancing before our eyes
Under the silver light
Maybe dreams come true
When I walk with you
Along the beaches

Through the years that passed
She lived a life of sorrow
Knowing there was more, and hoping for tomorrow
She kept those dreams in sight
Always looking for the meaning
She prayed for perfect love, with her heart still feeling

But life has a plan for revealing the answers
Second chances abound
Come walk with me while my heart is still dreaming
Love will turn us around


But you
Made my love shine through
And you
Let your love shine too
And we
Have a light inside
To guide us on our way
Along the beaches