Faraway Friends

Faraway we wondered what happened
In a place and time long ago
Faraway we prayed for the wisdom to come
Far away we dug for the answers
And we laughed till it hurt
I wonder where, where did that feeling go?

It started that night in Antigua
Two colleagues looking for change
Who knew our lives would be so rearranged?
The magic we found in the moment
Pure sense of freedom arrived
What mystic spell was cast to change our lives?


I keep meaning to sit down and write you my friend
But every time I try it hurts to remember
Why does happiness always seem so elusive?
We could have it again my friend, again

So we kept roaming around the world
Looking for that feeling again
We crossed bridges and borders
Of all those lands we explored
Always looking to reopen the door
Why do people always want so much more?
Let’s get back to those…

Faraway feelings that matter
Were always right in our grasp
We should have tried to make them last
Make them last