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From her evolution as a songwriter to her performances with legendary artists to her work with the healing benefits of music & sound, Lisa has invited us in to relate our own life experiences and journey we are all on together. Lisa writes and performs songs that make a difference through positive, empowering lyrics. She performs at venues throughout Colorado, across the country and internationally.

Lisa strives to create music that is uplifting, transformational and empowering. The music is fun, fresh, and thought provoking.

Her 5th album, Back Seat, to be released September 6, 2019, includes songs that slide into the positive music realm, with strong messages of living life to the fullest.

The title track “Back Seat” is an anthem for those empty nesters or anyone looking to make a significant change in life, encouraging them to continue to explore and expand upon aspirations that may have been put aside for a while. “The Road is Always Longer” is about enjoying life’s journey no matter what the circumstances. “Take Me to the Other Side” plays on the anxieties we often feel in difficult and new situations and says that the only way to be free is to join the tides of change to help us float through the difficulties and land on “the other side” where we are whole and free, and the authentic person. “Get in the Flow” is about following the muse of life, letting the words, vision, and creativity flow forth. When you’re in the flow, the feeling of happiness abounds and everyone around knows it too. “Inspiration” speaks to nature’s influence and inspiration, and finally “Meet Me in the Space Between” speaks to the layer of consciousness that allows for growth and exploration, beyond the safety and comfort of what we know

The gift of her 3rd CD, Dancing On The Moon is a call to all of us to reevaluate where we are in our lives. It’s a challenge to find the happiness we deserve by going forward and changing for the better vs. being comfortable and accepting all the negative things around us.

Released in February 2013,  The Italian Project was her fourth and the first transatlantic project that included a writing collaboration with her friends and immensely talented musical colleagues in Italy. The Italian Project embodies love, hope, and the overriding positive message that we can truly achieve anything we set our minds to. The CD’s overriding theme is positive messages and beautiful stories of change, manifestation and empowerment. Some of the songs are uplifting. Others share important stories such as the challenges of homelessness, racism and our societal fears. All are designed to make the listener take heart and take action.

Lisa performs and speaks at New Thought churches across the country, at both services and concerts. Performances have included Unity Church of Overland Park, KS, New Vision Center for Spiritual Living, Phoenix, AZ, Unity Christ Church of Bon Air, Richmond, VA, Unity Boulder, Christ’s Church Unity, FL, Unity Orlando, CSL Denver, Columbine Unity Boulder, CSL Boulder, Castle Rock CSL, Creative CSL Greeley, Unity of Orlando, Unity of Wimberley, TX, Unity of the Mountains, Avon, CO, Unity of Lawrence, KS,  Unity of Indianapolis, Unity of Fort Wayne, IN, and the Universal Spirit Center in San Diego.

“Lisa Bell writes the kind of music that will bring out your spiritual groove and make your soul want to boogie, and her singing delivers on that promise. Her Sunday here at Unity Church of Overland Park was a musical experience of high energy and deep connection.” -Fred Albers, Music Director,  Unity Church of Overland Park

“Lisa was a joy to work with . . . a consummate professional. She has a wonderful voice and knows how to deliver a message. I highly recommend her!”
-Frank Smith, Music Director New Vision Center for Spiritual Living, Phoenix, AZ

“We loved having Lisa Bell at Unity Christ Church of Bon Air.  Her original songs were a perfect match for the lesson and her Finding Your Vibrant Life workshop was enjoyed by all who attended.  In addition her house concert was an evening of beautiful songs, stories and fellowship.” -Claudia Carawan, Music Director

“Lisa Bell graced our sanctuary with her presence and incredible energy. Her music is hauntingly familiar yet completely fresh. Lisa is a dynamic singer-songwriter and demonstrates a deep wisdom. She is a must have for any spiritual community. Her sense of fun and laughter lingers long after she is gone!”
Rev. Shannah McAleer, Unity Lawrence, KS

Lisa performs from her heart with a beautiful voice and amazing music that speaks to everyone right where they are!  She is a true blessing to have as a special guest artist, and you won’t be disappointed!”
-Ron Troester, Music Director, Columbine Unity, Boulder CO

“Lisa Bell’s music is refreshing and inspiring. With her cool and connective performance, she gives her audience the comfort of knowing they are in the hands of a professional.”
-Lindsay Weidmann, Music Director, Castle Rock CSL

Lisa is a member of the Positive Music Association and Empower Music.

She is currently highlighting her messages along with her music in Sunday talks as well as keynote concert workshops which are designed teach individuals how to tap into their intuitive powers in order to manifest their most vibrant life, career or business.

Click here for video highlights of her workshop “Finding Your Vibrant Life.”

Lisa holds a Healing Sounds Intensive Certification from the Jonathan Goldman Sound Healer’s Association and is a Certified Reiki Master. She is also a Certified Professional Intuitive Coach, receiving her training through Sue Frederick’s I See Your Dream Job International Professional Coaching Institute.

Videos of Live Music Performances

Live at Unity of Overland Park, KS:

The Best of Me

Bring the Love

Stand Up

Positive Music (Posi) Awards 2014, Nominated Song:
One Face, One Race

Live Shows:

I Can Be Anything

Change is Free

Move On

Better Days

It’s All About Love-Music Video

Lisa’s CD “Dancing on the Moon” has been awarded the Positive Music Association’s Seal of Excellence. The Seal honors the best in Positive music, to help bring this music into the mainstream, and to inspire other musicians to create quality Positive music.


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Positive Music Tracks – Preview
No. Track Name Original Song Lyrics
The Best of Me Read Lyrics Buy
“I’m gonna live all of my dreams, and feel the power in what they bring. I got permission, time to set them free. I gotta reach for the best of me.” This was written as an empowering anthem for people everywhere who need a reminder that we must overcome the doubts and fears along the way in order to become the best person we can be.
I Can Be Anything Read Lyrics Buy
Throughout our lives the road is bumpy and full of twists and turns, sometimes making it seem that our amazing dreams might never come to fruition. This song embodies the sentiment of the entire Italian Project album, that we can truly achieve anything we put our minds to, as long as we believe wholly in ourselves, our dreams and the joy, love and passion required to live our lives to the fullest.
Bring the Love Read Lyrics Buy
We were having a conversation with a band mate Larry Thompson during a rehearsal one day about how you have to be impeccable with your word, and that the world needs more positive thoughts in action. He said a phrase to me that became the basis for this song: “What you bring to the table is what you eat!” Lisa Simmons immediately said “That’s a song, we can use it!” Larry said “yeah but if you write a hit song you owe me money!” We interpreted that phrase to mean that you have to bring your best to every aspect of your life, and “Bring the Love” to each and every conversation.
A Brighter Day Read Lyrics Buy
Written from the perspective of a person who is in the dark recesses of an illusory world that they have created and in which they feel trapped. What would it be like to take that first step into reality, using faith and love as the modes to transport them into a Brighter Day?
Quilt Read Lyrics Buy
Lisa Simmons came to us with a story about a woman who was mugged in a subway station during the morning rush hour in Milan. The perpetrator snatched her purse, and shoved her to the ground in the process. She hit her head on the hard cement, and laid there bleeding to death while the hurried commuters actually walked over her body for a good 10 minutes. By the time someone came to help, it was too late. The scene had been caught on surveillance cameras and was replayed on the news over, and over again. Quilt takes a look at how society has become so numb to reality that often times we can’t even see a fellow human in need.
Change Is Free Read Lyrics Buy
Written right before the 2008 presidential election, Change is Free talks about the need for self change and personal accountability, especially during troubled times. We don’t have to “wait for the shining knight to save the day” in desperate times, we can take important steps now in our lives to pick ourselves back up after losing a job, look to the future and take control over our own destiny. It doesn’t take a lot of money, just tenacity and a little common sense to move ahead.
Move On Read Lyrics Buy
A powerful song about the necessity of letting go of the safe and familiar, in order to move forward in our lives. I wrote this song when feeling very stuck in life’s routine, but knowing that the future had much in store if I just trusted it to unfold. The hardest thing for me is letting go of that comfortable life routine and jumping off that cliff into the unknown. But in order to move on we must let go of those things, people and situations that no longer serve us.
Better Days Read Lyrics Buy
Finding the proverbial silver lining in times of great challenge is the theme of Better Days. This song was written one day when the ice on the roads outside was 10 inches thick, full of ruts and sink holes and several weeks old. It felt like it would never go away, as did some of the difficult issues in my life at the time. I just wanted to escape on a magic carpet to a place where things would magically transform. But again the silver lining comes from that journey deep inside, and the “magic ride” can be taken at any time.
Stand Up Read Lyrics Buy
Stand Up is a message to all about the steps we each can take to better the environment and our social landscape. By taking a look at what we can do to make a small difference to change the world as we know it today, we can leave behind a better legacy for our children.
It's All About Love Read Lyrics Buy
“Life is all about love.” That is the theme of this title track to Lisa’s 2nd CD. It’s not about who can amass the most possessions, but in the end it’s about how we live and love each day, treating and respecting each other as equals.