Brand Your Band

Brand Your Band!

Are you a professional musician striving to better define or broaden the target audience for your music?

Do you want to make a good living while staying true to yourself and your music?

Are you ready to start treating your musical career like a real business?

My Band Branding method helps original music artists get focused in order to get more gigs and make more money doing what you love to do. The method helps you create a music business blueprint that is authentic to your core beliefs and your true life purpose.

At the end of my three-step Band Branding process you will be able to:

Communicate clearly your unique artistry

-Step on a path to a clearly defined target audience

-Get immediate Top Ten Marketing Moves to get your music business rolling in a new and prosperous direction

-Receive business tools, ideas and connections to take your artistry to the next level

“During my sessions with Lisa, a Big Idea was birthed – something very personal to me that has the potential to change the lives of grieving teens across the country. Every time I shared this Big Idea with someone, there were goosebumps, tears, chills – both from me and the listener. It was something I couldn’t shake, and wouldn’t want to. Something hugely important. Now I’m meeting with a Big Player in the industry, and we are beginning the process of its unfolding. Thank you so much, Lisa, for your insight and guidance. It feels so freaking huge – nationwide – and that blows my mind. Your services are not just about marketing. They’re about birthing what’s in your soul.” Teri Wilder,

“Lisa helped me think about my music in ways I never had before. She guided me through a thought process that defined opportunities I’ve been missing and made me realize that the music I’m making needs to find the right audience–not change–to create a successful career. The sessions were fun and insightful, and she was careful to ensure that I didn’t just emerge with a cookie-cutter plan, but a clear understanding of my personal goals as a musician and how to start reaching for them.”
-Jessica Nicollela, Singer/Songwriter

“Many artists in the music industry understand that in order to have a successful career, you have to have a solid image to represent your work. What puts Lisa Bell above all others in consulting is that she knows that your image is truly best represented by the spirit behind your music; the soul. This is exactly what Lisa helped my band with by discussing what matters most to us, helping us verbally work out why we are musicians and the message we want to send. With Lisa’s help, I have rediscovered my voice and my reason for being a musician, so that I can now move forward in creating an image for my band, one that is rooted in a strong sense of self.”-Analise Nelson

The Process: Source + Soul + Science

Source ≈ Discover the Big Picture

The first step is for Lisa to meet with you individually and conduct a Life Path Analysis. Lisa will show you how your personal intuition can guide you through difficult business decisions and challenges as well as help you to select and work with the best team members, clients and colleagues who will ensure that your music business is prosperous and abundant.

Soul ≈ Define What You Are About

You’ll fill out advanced questions that strive get to Clarity and Focus on:

-Your core values as an artist
-What your music (and business) is and what it’s not
-The emotional and practical benefits of your music, workshops, etc.
-Unique aspects of your music (+speaking, workshops, etc.) to
differentiate from your competition.
-Identifying other musical artists (speakers, workshop facilitators,
etc.) who you love-both inside and outside of your genre in order to
analyze what’s working for them.
-What other brands share a similar identity?

Science ≈ Develop Your Blueprint to Success

In 3, 1.5 hour Branding Sessions, we will delve into the topics above in depth, and develop a Brand Platform which will include a Positioning Statement and Top Ten Marketing Moves to get you started on your road to success. The process will include:

-Target audience focus
-Developing Your individual Positioning Statement that will serve as
the guiding mantra for all marketing efforts moving forward
-Priorities to you in your music business. What are you willing to do
and not willing to do to become more successful?
-Your unique selling propositions (USPs)
-Reasons to believe the USPs-the proof
-Steps to reach the target audience

Following the Branding Sessions, I will send you an individualized Band Brand Platform which will include a recap of the branding work and ideas and resources to move your music business forward quickly in the new direction.

For pricing and more information contact:
Lisa Bell

If you need graphic implementation, I can help you do that too! Read on…

Let your Brand Come to Life!

Having a solid brand and consistent look across all of your marketing materials makes you look more professional and will get you more jobs!


I can help you create a more
professional image in 3 easy steps:

Step 1

o       Choose to work with Lisa one-on-one in four sessions, or if you’re in a hurry, choose the Fast Track option:

-6 hour, one-day intensive brand development session

o       Following the branding sessions, Lisa will develop and send you an individualized Brand Platform which will include a recap of the branding work and Top Ten Marketing Ideas as well as resources to move your business forward quickly in the new direction.

Step 2

o       The Band Brand Platform will be used to develop a new look and feel for your music to communicate and attract your prefect audience and gigs. To deliver a comprehensive look across the mediums, the package offers graphic design for several items which could include:

  • CD design (if needed)
  • Logo
  • Web site shell
  • Business card
  • Postcard
  • Poster
  • Press kit template

Step 3

o       I can also work with you to identify vetted consultants to work on tactical implementation of your targeted message including:

  • Professional photography & video
  • Press kit/press release writing
  • Web site copy
  • Publicity for upcoming events
  • Image/Style consulting
  • Management consulting

For pricing and more information contact:
Lisa Bell


About Lisa

I spent the first half of my life dedicated to helping business professionals and corporations navigate the ever-changing needs of the consumer marketplace. For the past 22 years I have provided marketing and business consultation for both large corporations and entrepreneurial business owners, specializing in the natural products industry.

Music has always been a huge part of my life but I didn’t find the courage to pursue a professional career until later in life. In 2001, my world was falling apart. My marriage was collapsing, a business partnership was ending and my life was at a crossroads as I was suddenly a single mom. The pull of the passion to sing professionally was so strong that I knew I had to take a leap of faith, even though the odds were against me as an older singer in the young world of music.

So at the age of 35, I began a professional singing career in earnest. I have released three CDs, performed in front of thousands, have opened for numerous major acts and enjoyed my first international tour to Italy the summer of 2011. I achieved all of this while continuing to be a successful business consultant.

But in 2009 this dual life started to take its toll and I knew I had to make a change. A visit to Sue Frederick, the author of I See Your Dream Job, helped me to realize that my true calling in life is to help heal and transform the world through my music and energy work, as well as to help others to discover and manifest their true destiny.

I discovered that my business & marketing consulting had evolved into providing more personal guidance to small businesses. I was very enthused about that part of my work and began to look for a niche where I could put everything together in a business that would be fulfilling and passionate. Working with musicians seemed to be an obvious choice, and I have been fortunate to work with many individual artists, both new and established, to develop a successful focused path for their career.